As much as we love that flavor in almost everything we put in our stomach and on or face, fall is also about diversity. Just like the varying color of every leave that falls, there is a colorful, flavorful variety of autumn-inspired ingredients. What’s interesting is that these ingredients are perfect for skin that is learning to deal with the change in weather.



Let’s get this one out of the way first. The inclusion of pumpkin in fall skincare products isn’t a marketing gimmick. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that removes toxins and free radicals. It also contains beta-carotene that serves as a protective layer against environmental pollutants. With summers gone, you might feel courageous enough to go out in the sun more often, skincare products with pumpkin will save you from the adverse effects.

我们最喜欢的南瓜进入产品之一是Bella Vida Santa Barbara南瓜饼酶面膜。随着空气变得干燥,你需要每周剥离来摆脱死皮,而不会使它过于敏感和伤害。事实上,它让你的皮肤丝滑滑,味道像新鲜的南瓜饼一样。


Cranberries are counted among the most beneficial superfoods. No wonder they are super amazing for the skin. Not only do they have an acidic pH that gently exfoliates the skin from within, but they are also rich in vitamin A and vitamin C as well. Cranberries nourish the skin and improve cellular activity, resulting in better collagen production. If your skin starts to get dull due to the changing weather, cranberries are what you should look for in your skincare.

我们最喜欢的蔓越莓产品是Pure InventionsAntioxidant Cranberry + Elderberry。This product is meant to be consumed as a drink so that the change comes from within. This antioxidant-rich drink is delicious and will detoxify your entire system.



现在,如果您希望在您的Skincare常规中包含石榴,请介绍Dr. Scheller Organic Pomegranate Serum。This organic product infused with the power of pomegranate will take your fall skincare game to the next level.


People may have stopped associating Apples with the fall festivities, but it is still a beneficial skincare ingredient. Very few people realize that apple is rich in elastin and collagen, and therefore, a nourishing skin food for mature skin. Plus, it has both Vitamin C and Vitamin A, both essential for the cellular function of your skin.

That said, we have rarely seen any brand harness the magic of this ingredient like Ahava. Their苹果of Sodom Overnight Deep Wrinkle Mask是我们的秋季必不可少的。将它两次或每周三次或三次,为Plumper,更坚定,并在本赛季表现更光滑。


Weather change is confusing for our skin. Switching from a mattifying product to a rich moisturizer can make things even worse. That’s where honey comes in. Honey allows your skin to retain the right amount of moisture without leaving it greasy. Please it is a potent antibacterial ingredient with healing properties.

What your skin needs in this weather is a gentle and soothing skincare routine. So, take a break from harsh cleansers and replace them with theHoneybunch Manuka蜂蜜菜肥皂吧。即使在秋天之后,你也许不会回到你的旧洁面乳。



将肉桂加入秋天护肤日常生活Bua Organics Revive Complexion Soap。This fall-friendly soap cleanses and exfoliates the skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion.


Over the past few years, niacin has emerged as the groundbreaking skincare ingredient. There is hardly any skin concern that can’t be answered with the inclusion of niacin in your routine. Pear, a popular autumn fruit, is rich in niacin. It also has a blend of other minerals and vitamins essential for healthy skin.

Niacinamide also repairs your skin barrier and regulates sebum. That makes it perfect for every skin type. Just like the刺梨和维生素C日常面部保湿霜通过草药动力学美容。这种水合血清将使您的皮肤保留为未来的庆祝活动。


Finally, the spice that completes the season! It is full of anti-oxidants that give it unmatched age-reversing abilities. Plus, it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which makes it suitable for acne-prone skin. While most beauty products use nutmeg in scrubs, we think you can reap more benefits with nutmeg oil.

强烈推荐的产品是Kathleen Natural Sensual Rose Body and Massage Oil– a bountiful concoction of essential oils such as nutmeg oil, orange oil, and rose essential oil. Apply it on your body after shower and keep bathed in its intoxicating fragrance all day.


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