While Instagram makes it seem like a modern trend, plumper lips have actually always been desirable.

From Sophia Loren to Angelina Jolie and from Kim Kardashian to every other beauty influencer, full lips remained the signature of so many beautiful women we know. Even the magnificent Marilyn was known for overdrawing her lips for a plumper appearance.

That’s all because fuller lips are a sign of youth. When we are younger, our lips are smoother, hydrated, and plump. With age, they start to lose the volume and texture, unless you take good care of them. From balms and serums for an instant effect to treatments for lasting volume, there are many ways to keep your pout plump and pretty.

Menthol to Activate Microcirculation

The simplest and most effective way to keep your lips luscious is by investing in a good lip balm. AddEyra Cosmetics Liplumper Venom您的日常美容常规。配料如薄荷醇,透明质酸和精油,BALM水合物皮肤并激活微循环。它不仅会给你一场瞬间丰满,而且它还为你的嘴唇带来了许多长期的抗衰老好处。

It is a cruelty-free balm with around 98% natural ingredients. Plus, it comes in a cute blue tube with a mirror.


Microneedling has changed the world of beauty, as we know. It is one of the most effective treatments for all kinds of skin problems. While it is good for face and hair, the technique is also great for your lips. With products likeMESOLYFTLIP Plumper, you don’t need to visit a professional for your micro-needling sessions.

Consider it as a safe DIY alternative to filler injections. The micro-needling roller allows the serum to absorb deeper into the layers of your lips for instant volume while it naturally enhances collagen production over time. Worried about sting? It doesn’t even tingle!

Smooth with Antioxidants

From skin care to hair care, from healthcare to lip care, antioxidants are important. Our favorite way to infuse antioxidants into our lips isAZN Labs Hydrogel Lip Patches. These lip shape patches are packed with potent antioxidants that have both long term and instant effects.

You can use them as a lip mask before makeup to create a smoother, hydrated canvas for your lip paints, or you can add them to your weekly skincare routine.

Xylitol and Anti-Wrinkle Peptide

Herbal Dynamics BeautyVolumizing& Smoothing Rapid Lip Maskis a deep conditioning solution for super dry and rough lips. With powerful ingredients like xylitol and peptides, this mask is nothing short of a miracle. One application will give you super soft, smooth, and plump lips.

A great product to add to your pre-makeup pampering routine. For a perfect pout every time.

Tripeptides and Collagen

Tripeptides and collagen are antiaging essentials. That is whyAsdm Beverly Hills Lip Plumper血清is highly recommended for anyone who is experiencing loss of lip volume and texture due to aging. It has tried and tested ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and babassu oil.

It works wonder on super dry and chapped lips. If you are living in an area that experiences dry and hot summer, you need this serum regardless of your age. People with naturally thinner lips will also see a difference in volume and fullness.

Powerful Actives and Plants Oil Extracts

Moving on to advanced lip treatments, you need a Holy Grail product with potent actives at work. One of our favorites is theLord & BerryLIP OIL POTION Advanced Fluid Lip Treatment. The formula is rich in antioxidants that fight against signs of aging.

Plant oil extract hydrate the lips to improve texture and volume. Leaves your lip with a beautiful, luxurious sheen.Use twice a day to see amazing results within a week.

Fake It

When you want results a bit too dramatic, you can top your lip plumper with some skillful magic. All you need is aperfect linerto recreate and define your lip shape. You can make your lip appear fuller without any invasive treatment or surgery.


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